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Help Desk For Astrology
How is the Astrology service report delivered?
Where is the report uploaded? Would it be uploaded on my personal e-mail?
How secure is my personal information provided or personal query asked with the website?
Are the astrology products genuine? Is there any guarantee about the same?
What if a particular astrology product suggested by the selected panel astrologer, is not available at Astro Shop on your website?
If I do not know my birth time?
Is there any guarantee for the recommendations provided by the selected panel astrologers?
Do you guarantee the delivery of the products on the preferred date?
How can I place an order?
Is there any refund policy for astrology reports generated?
What are the various payment options?
Can I pay in my currency?
How can I track my order?
How to view my purchase history?
I change my account information like my password?

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