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• Recognising Capricorn • Capricorn Human • Capricorn Life
Recognising Capricorn


Very stylish and classy species. They are always at their very best. They are generally casually dressed, sporting well known brands. They are long and lean in body and have attractive looks. Face, hands and feet might be bony. They can make weirdest of expression and their eyes can easily talk their heart out. Many Capricorns appear to be shrewd but generally they are down to earth and very friendly. They like dark colours and are fond of clothes and accessories.


Capricorns are traditionalist by nature. Though they are quite active and energetic they do get influenced by negative, essentially passive polarity. Capricorns actually mature at a very early age. They might loose on the joy and excitement of life in order to fulfill their duties towards life and loved ones. They enjoy maturity more than youth.

However Capricorn won’t miss on the fun of life completely, once they are done with acquiring success and fulfilling their dreams they will exhibit their lively side. They can bring a lot of excitement and cheerful acts at their home and work place. Capricorns have a clear conscious and are helpful towards mankind and society. They are very religious people.


Capricorn has a tactful mind and is very sharp. They can manipulate without any efforts. They are good at formulating long term strategies, goals and controlling. They are also good planners. Saturn born Capricorns are narrow minded at times. Not much of a thinker,who doesn’t stress their brains as they are slaves of the heart.


Capricorn may have deep feelings of inadequacy, hidden beneath a drive to succeed and prove worth. Capricorns can not express their emotions under the façade of self-confidence due to which they feel lonely and cut off and unable to break out by expressing warmth and affection. According to Capricorn success can be measured in material world and not in terms of personal development.


  • Infinite patience.
  • Excels at handling difficult tasks.
  • Flair for organization.
  • Incorporating Wisdom.
  • Ability to see future.
  • Sense of humor.
  • Friendly.
  • Creative.
  • Intelligent.
  • Soft hearted.


  • Selfish.
  • Very rigid.
  • Egoistic.
  • Rules on themselves and others.
  • Cunning at times.
  • Dominating.
  • Impulsive.
  • Too talkative at times.
  • Absent minded.


  • Certainty.
  • Order.
  • Rules and regulation.
  • Shopping.
  • Romantic dates.
  • Clothes and accessories.
  • Creative activities.


  • Muddle.
  • Inefficiency.
  • Rebels.
  • Double standard tactics.
  • Crowds.

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